Foc Enhancements

Teh news thingy :p

Dec 5
New WIP GUI.. mouse icons soon hopefully

New WIP GUI.. mouse icons soon hopefully

Dec 2

Back in the saddle

hi guys.

i was thinking about making this tumblr. page for foc enhancements to get more publicity, and its alot more functional and easy to use than proboards.

i will be working on the mod more, and have a few wip features to tell you about, with some pics and maybe a vid.

So i was planning for the next update (0.4.6_01)

- Fix MC80 bug.

- Rebalance and scale units.

- Fix carrack being majorly overpowered, and ventator underpowered.

- Add hardpoints to bunkers and mines

any more bugs that need fixing, or any suggestions for next version, just comment